Lynn Lemmens

My Work


This summer I will work for the very first time as eco coordinator at Tomorrowland. I will be in charge of the main food area. I have some organizations under my lead. I'll have to give instructions and make
sure the area is clean by the time the party people arrive.

Love Tomorrow



Miramiro Festival

I did my internship at Miramiro vzw. I was the main contact person between Miramiro and the artists. I had to collect all the information in order to book the hotels, bikes and meals. I also participated in making the program, the website and I managed their Instagram page. 

During the festival I will go back as a payed employee. I will assist the event- and communication managers. 


My first internship took place in the beautiful surroundings of the Antwerp ZOO, Planckendael and the brand-new Queen Elisabeth hall. My week was divided in two. I spend three days a week in the office. I translated the technical rider of the QEH. I made the event book with the financial charts and also made a first version of the guidelines of the QEH.

The other two days of the week, I supported the event coordinators during the events. I assisted on a big range of events: concerts, diners, receptions, gala evenings, a wedding and much more. I really enjoyed spending time on the floor. The longer I worked there, the more they trusted me. For the event "ZOO of Life", I was in charge of managing the concert hall. 



Ell Circo D'ell Fuego

My studentjob consists of teaching children what I love the most, circus.
Seeing my pupils making progress is enlighting because I really achieve something with it.
But for me, it's not only about learning tricks, it's alsoo about the relationship I have with them and they have with eachother. We do a lot of partnerwork to make them understand that they have to be careful. I think this is very important.

I participate to all meetings about the workflow of the school. Arno, the boss, takes everybody's opinion in account. I hope to become a supervisor like him one day.