My internships

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Ell Circo D'ell Fuego


My studentjob consists of teaching children what I love the most, circus.
Seeing my pupils making progress is enlighting because I really achieve something with it.
But for me, it's not only about learning tricks, it's alsoo about the relationship I have with them and they have with eachother. We do a lot of partnerwork to make them understand that they have to be careful. I think this is very important.

I participate to all meetings about the workflow of the school. Arno, the boss, takes everybody's opinion in account. I hope to become a supervisor like him one day.


X-tra bvba

The more experience you have on the workfield, the better you can manage it.

Xtra gave me the oportunity to see the other side of events. I noticed that organising an event takes a lot of work. Most visitors don't realise it, but when you're behind the scenes, you sure do.




I was only 15 years old when I decided to leave everything behind.
My life was never going to be the same again.
Moving to France for 3 years without my parents & friends,
arriving in a foreign country, a new city with new people and a language that I didn't speak nor understood.

You might wonder why I did it.
Well, I have this passion called circus.
It drove me
750 km away from my hometown.
Because of the distance, I only came home during holidays.

I went to the National Circusschool of Châtellerault, a school that combines the normal highschool classes, like French litterature and philosophy, with circus.

Every year 18 students were accepted into the school. They made part of a group, mine was "promo 14".
In the first year, we all had to go to boarding school so we could bond.
This worked out really well because we became such an amiable gang.

I have learned and achieved so much during my stay;

  • Became bilingual French - Dutch,
  • Managed living on my own,
  • Made my own circus number,
  • Finished high school with a slight distinction.

And I have absolutely no regrets.