Graduation number National circusschool Châtellerault

Pretty, what is pretty?
If I smile and walk proudly,
does that make me pretty?
We all try to be perfect
but what is perfect?

Look at me, am I pretty?
I mean, am I what they call perfect?
No, I'm not. Nobody is.
but Ican try.
I can be really serious if you want,
maybe that is perfect...

I don't think that being serious is perfect.
I think it's rather boring.
I can be really childish,
maybe that is perfect.
I can be happy and jump around,
but I can be really fragile as well...

Yet I'm still not perfect.
I can try to be everything,
but I will never be perfect.
At the end, I'm just me...

I am who I am and I won't change.
You can call me weird, but i'd say i'm special.
I hope you accept me, accept me as I am,
and for who I am.